Up-to-date accounting

We will use all online means to keep the accounting up-to-date, backed by personalized service. You will always have a team member ready to answer your questions and requirements.

Contabilidad al día

Usaremos todos los medios online para mantener actualizada la contabilidad, de la mano de un servicio personalizado. Siempre tendrás a un miembro del equipo dispuesto a responder tus dudas y requerimientos.

How Norte Claro Works

Set Up: Meet the Team
First, you will meet your personal accountant who will conduct an initial accounting audit and propose changes if necessary. They will also handle tax audits and review the appropriate tax regime. Your current questions will be answered, and if they need something from you, they will ask.
Monthly Work
Every month, VAT payments will be reviewed, and purchases and sales will be organized. Your accountant will keep everything under control and send you a monthly status report.
Monthly Reports and Deliveries
A balance will be delivered where you can see the real-time health of your company. Recommendations for improvement will be made, and they will take care of the annual tax operation for you in March-April.

What you get with Norte Claro

Tailored service that allows us to offer solutions and answers adapted to the needs of each of our clients.

  • Updates
    We are constantly making accounting updates, which we inform you about regularly.

  • Support
    In case you have questions or any issues that can’t wait, you can communicate directly with us through this platform or phone number, and our team will get in touch as soon as possible to advise you on whatever is necessary.

  • Affordable Payments
    Staying up-to-date with accounting shouldn’t interfere with your business, and since we understand that each business is unique, we offer a payment plan that fits each company.

Informes y balances
We take care of the income tax operation and tax declaration for your company, so
you don't have to worry
  • We provide you with ready-to-submit tax reports
    When it’s time to declare taxes, we send you all the organized accounting information of your company so that you can present it without any problem


  • Reports and Balances
    Because we know that taxes can be stressful not only during the tax season, we assist you throughout the year with simplified and quick reports and balances

Make smart decisions

We provide monthly financial balances and accounting statements that will allow you to understand your company's financial state.

Experienced Accountants
Even when documents are missing or there are delays in records, Norte Claro can resolve it by addressing months and years of your business's accounting
All the reports we offer are simple and transparent
Regain Control of Your Business Finances
If your accounting is disorganized, our team takes charge of getting your business back on track so that tax declarations can be made without any issues
Swift Responses
We update all accounting records and books as quickly as possible for your use as needed

What our customers say

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