Up-to-date monthly taxes

We maintain month-to-month accounting where we organize financial reports and accounting books, compiling an organized folder of taxes at the end of each year. This allows you to see the benefits and costs your business has incurred.

Impuestos mensuales al día

Llevamos la contabilidad mes a mes donde organizamos los reportes financieros y los libros contables, recopilando al final de cada año una carpeta ordenada de los impuestos que le permitirá ver cuáles son los beneficios y costos que ha obtenido tu negocio

With Norte Claro you get:

Advisory Services
We offer unlimited advisory services throughout the year through meetings and consultations with our team of accountants.
Tax Filing
We prepare tax filing drafts for the client, making the process of reporting your taxes straightforward and hassle-free
Impeccable Track Record
We keep all your income statements, balances, and books up to date and organized, showing the company's profitability so you can present them quickly, and we then validate them.
Complete Year-End Records
With the tax reform, tax filing can be stressful, so we offer the year-end balance as of December 31st with the aim of making the annual tax declaration easy and fast. You can also review your business's profitability throughout the year.
We provide clear notes and all the necessary accounting information such as:


  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Summary of Daily

  • Entries

  • General Ledger

  • General Journal

    View all your financial reports with us, available with your assigned accountant.

Want to meet the team behind it all?
We understand that in tax declarations and financial reports, there are many factors, so our team includes specialists capable of overseeing and managing every detail you and your business need.
  • Senior Audit Accountants: They oversee tax consulting, business reorganization, and tax management control.

  • Junior Audit Accountants: They are responsible for processing, entering, and integrating your business’s data.

  • Human Resources: They handle remuneration, social laws, and previred

Reports Ahead of Schedule
We do the hard work for you: At Norte Claro, we ensure that your company has all the records up to date.
Quick Service:
With our team of accountants, we can complete overdue accounting periods, organizing everything so your business can grow quickly.

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